Adult Hockey Clinics

Upcoming Adult Clinics: 2019
Wednesday Night Hockey Clinic
Kirkwood Ice Arena  | May 1
-  29

These 1.25 hour sessions (8:30-9:45pm) will consist of 30-45 minutes of skill development, and finish with competitive drills, small area games, or a scrimmage.

Contact us at to request information and to register

Salt Lake City Adult Hockey Camp
Salt Lake City Sports Complex  |  More info coming soon
HNA Beginners League Hockey
Showdown Hockey is a proud partner of Hockey North America
Please visit for information on the St. Louis session. Clinic begins in Feb and ends in late March

Clinic Features

Adult Skill Development:
Focus on skill development and implementation of tactical/strategic concepts. Sharpen your skills and learn how to use them!

Off Ice Learning Sessions: Tactics and Strategy:
Learning to read and anticipate the play is a vital part of hockey. Informative Chalk Talk learning sessions focus on Defensive and Offensive hockey concepts. The sessions are informal and we welcome all questions from equipment issues, to face off alignment, to special teams tactics and strategies.  We believe that understanding these concepts allows you to speed up your game by learning to recognize, and anticipate the play.  

More adult hockey offerings

Team Development Sessions:
Custom sessions are available for team development.  We will help your team develop a style of play and design the plans to accomplish your goals.  Using a combination of on ice sessions and off ice chalk talks, your group will understand how to play together, as a team.

Adult Pond Hockey Sessions:
Fun drop-in league using a combination of short (20 minute) skills sessions followed by  small area game play. New teams each week to promote and develop a community of hockey players.